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Insights | 30/03/2020

Un nuovo addetto all’officium admissionis: Titus Aelius Proculus, liberto adrianeo

This study focuses on a recent acquisition of the Gallerie degli Uffizi, the Roman cinerary urn of Titus Aelius Proculus. The funerary inscription placed by his wife, Chreste, allows us to date the life of Aelius Proculus, freedman of the Emperor Hadrian, to the first half of the 2nd century AD, and to investigate his role in the familia Caesaris. As adiutor ab ammissione he held one of the lowest levels in the ufficium admissionis, the office that regulated the admission to the Emperor’s presence and that is attested from the Augustan age up to the 4th century AD. Proculus membership in this office enables us to better define his figure, as well as to extend the evidence relating to this important Palatine department, whose influence is widely attested in literary sources.

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