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Announcements | 14/06/2023

Summer 2023 devoted to Archeology

Summer 2023 devoted to Archeology

Exhibitions, conferences, digital

A Summer devoted to archoelogy at the Uffizi Galleries. The rich heritage of classical art, the second largest and most important outside the city of Rome, constituted the original nucleus - even before the paintings - of the Uffizi as a 'museum' in the modern sense, a space commissioned at the end of the 16th century by Grand Duke Francesco I de' Medici to display the most valuable pieces of his illustrious family's collection, collected from the time of Lorenzo the Magnificent to his own day.


The Dialogue about  Arts and Culture go on in the Auditorium Vasari each Wendsnay (also available in streaming on the Uffizi Galleries' Facebook channel) from 7 June to 13 September. The 'Uffizi Quarter' from antiquity to today focuses on themes of Roman and medieval archaeology that explore, above all, the historical-urban metamorphosis of the Florentine quarter on which the Uffizi factory has stood since the 16th century.   

The restoration of the Dacian statues: a video produced by the Digital Strategies Area of the Uffizi galleries in collaboration with Fabrizio Paolucci, archaeological officer, and Flavia Puoti, restoration officer, recount the stages of the restoration of these absolute masterpieces of the early 2nd century A.D. The two giants have dominated the monumental entrance to Boboli since the early 19th century, but,  in all probability, they originally were part of the sumptuous triumphal decoration of Trajan's Forum in Rome.  

On 1 July  a virtual exhibition entitled 'Dominae" is available on this site web in the "Hypervisions" section: the story, with original illustrations by Stefano Piscitelli and texts by Novella Lapini and Silvia Barlacchi, takes its cue from ancient portraits placed in dialogue with works of art from the Renaissance and modern age, to illustrate the space of primary importance that some women between the end of the Republic and the beginning of the imperial age were able to carve out for themselves in the public life of the Urbe.

On 4 July, the Uffizi Gallery houses the exhibition 'Pecunia non olet. The Bankers of Ancient Rome', curated by Novella Lapini under the direction of Fabrizio Paolucci, on the complex world of the economy in Roman times 



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