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Round Room

Niccolò Gaspare Paoletti (Florence, 1727 - 1813), Domenico Ruschi, known as 'il Portogalli' (news from 1762 to 1782) and Giuliano Traballesi (Florence, 1727 - Milan, 1812)

Stucco and fresco-secco painting

The architectural and decorative design of the room is due to Niccolò Gaspare Paoletti, who took advantage of the construction of the new rondò on the south side by Giuseppe Ruggieri (1765- 1766) to create a circular room on the piano nobile, in the apartment intended for the Grand Duchess Maria Luisa, wife of Peter Leopold of Habsburg-Lorraine. However, after being built in 1765/66, the Cabinet was decorated ten years later with stuccoes by Dominico Ruschi, known as il Portogalli, carvings by Lorenzo Dolci, gilding by Francesco Ristori, and paintings by Giuliano Traballesi. The elegance of the living room is due to the refinement of the golden stuccoes on a light background of neoclassical inspiration. The circular shape of the room is also reminiscent of classical architecture, as well as the decoration of the vault with small rose patterns and false lacunaria. The illusionistic enlargement of the space is favoured by tall mirrors placed to fill the large spaces between the huge windows that allow the interior to connect with the exterior.

The space was thought by Queen Margaret of Savoy as a conversation and work room.


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Text by
Daniele Rapino
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