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The Resurrection of Christ and His Descent into Hell (Inv. 1890 no. 9306)

Central Russia

1725-50 c.
Room 2
Tempera on wood
13.5x11 cm
1890 no. 9306

Christ resurrected is depicted with the processional cross in a mandorla of light, a symbol of glory, as he stretches out his hand toward Adam emerging from the tomb with Eve, shown on the right. Other figures are depicted above the progenitors: on the left, with crowns on their heads, are the biblical kings David and Solomon, while on the right the prophets Elijah and John the Baptist are seen. This icon is a very succinct version of the traditional Byzantine iconographic model, rooted in ancient Russian painting and far richer in figures. Its simplified composition was likely driven by the need to adapt the subject to the small panel.

This work is one of a significant group of artisan-level icons in the Uffizi collection, executed in some unknown provincial area of central Russia, though finds particular affinity with specimens depicting the Transfiguration (inv. 1890 no. 9313) and The Mother of God, Joy of all afflicted (inv. 1890 no. 9316), which share similarities in the simplified drapery and the pursuit of a certain expressiveness in the figures.

Text by
Daniela Parenti
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