Portrait of Faustina the Younger

Roman art
160-180 A.D.
Third Corridor
Italic marble
172 cm (height)
1914 no 172

 This portrait was part of the Medici collection in the late 16th century, while its modern bust is attributed, according to documentary sources, to the hand of restorer Giovanni Caccini, who rebuilt the nose, a piece of lip on the left, and a large section of the neck. The refined hair, parted in the centre of the forehead, creates two elegant series of side waves, gathered at the nape in a chignon. In the 18th century, this portrait was identified as Faustina the Younger, wife of Marcus Aurelius (161-180 A.D.): this was confirmed by coins from 161 A.D., issued on the occasion of the couple’s rise to the throne, showing the original portrait. Faustina, the mother of future emperor Commodus, died in  Cilicia in 175 A.D., following her husband on a journey to the Eastern Provinces.

3D Model realized in collaboration with Indiana University. Visit https://www.digitalsculpture-uffizi.org/