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Palm - Sabal Causarium

Upper Botanical Garden

Commonly known as the Puerto Rico Palmetto, it is also known as the Puerto Rican Hat Palm, and is native to Hispaniola, Puerto Rico. The species was first described  in 1901 by the American botanist Orator Fuller Cook as Inodes causiarum. The specific epithet, causiarum means “of hats”. The plants have 20-30 leaves, each with 60-120 leaflets. The inflorescences are branched, arching or pendulous, longer than the leaves, and bear white flowers. The fruits are globose, with dark brown or blackish colour, 0.8-1.2 cm in diameter. The leaves are used by local populations to cover rural buildings or to make hats, bags or other handicrafts. It tolerates full sun exposure well and can withstand temperatures as low as - 9°C.

Text by
Paolo Basetti
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