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Upper Botanical Garden

Between the evergreen hedges and in the geometric-shaped flowerbeds in the Upper Botanical Garden are the tropical plants, like this gorgeous specimen of Hibiscus rosa-synensis. Already in the 18th century, this sector of the Boboli Gardens was used as a Jardin Potager, that is, an area dedicated to the cultivation of exotic and rare plants.

Hibiscus rosa-synensis is a bushy, evergreen shrub that reaches 3 m in height (more in its original habitat); it bears trumpet-shaped flowers large 10 cm and oval shaped dark green leaves; it blooms from June to September.

Hibiscus belongs to the mallow family: its scientific name comes from Greek, perhaps coined by the botanist and pharmacologist Dioscorides, also mentioned by Dante in the fourth canto of Inferno. The plant is provided with medicinal properties, even if in Italy it is widespread for mainly ornamental purpose. Bees love this plant.


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