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Aimée Vibert Rose

3.5 x 3 m (height x width)

Other names: Bouquet del la Mariée, Nivea. La Sèduisante'

Origin: France

This rose is one of the most attractive elements of the Noisette group. It is a vigorous, almost thornless plant with very bright, thick, dark green foliage. Like all Noisettes, it starts to flower a few weeks later than the others. The flowers, which grow in double clusters, are white, while the bud is a pinkish colour. It tolerates poor soils and is easy to pillar (term that means training the plant to climb up around pillars or support posts, by bending it) and espaliers, even in mid-shade. Spring flowering can be repeated if the soil and climatic conditions are good.

Text by
Ivo Matteuzzi
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