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Ulysses on the Island of the Phaeacians by Pieter Paul Rubens

The work by the Flemish master told through Homer's words

When you say an Odyssey...

Persecuted by Poseidon's wrath, Ulysses, also called Odysseus, traveled for days and nights on a raging stormy sea.
He fatally lands on the island of the Phaeacians. He is naked, dressed only in salt: exhausted yet still powerful.
Nausicaa, the daughter of the King of the Phaeacians, kindly welcomes the stranger and falls in love with him.

Pieter Paul Rubens reads Homer and through his painting tells his Odyssey.

Behind a leaden sky that is going to be blown away soon on the horizon, the "Painted Tales" of the Uffizi Galleries give voice to "Ulysses on the Island of the Phaeacians" by Pieter Paul Rubens in the words of Homer and the interpretation of Simone Rovida.

Enjoy the track!

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