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The traitors to their kindred: Camicion de'Pazzi and Sassol Mascheroni

Circle IX, Caina region. The damned in the first part of the circle, called Caina after the name of the Biblical fratricide, are condemned to be imprisoned in the frozen lake of Cocytus from which only their heads come out, facing downwards.

"Why dost thou so mirror thyself in us?
If thou desire to know who these two are, ⁠
⁠The valley whence Bisenzio descends
⁠Belonged to them and to their father Albert.
They from one body came, and all Caïna
⁠Thou shalt search through, and shalt not find a shade
⁠More worthy to be fixed in gelatine; 
Not he in whom were broken breast and shadow
⁠At one and the same blow by Arthur's hand;
⁠Focaccia not; not he who me encumbers
So with his head I see no farther forward,
⁠And bore the name of Sassol Mascheroni; 
⁠Well knowest thou who he was, if thou art Tuscan.
And that thou put me not to further speech,
⁠Know that I Camicion de' Pazzi was,
⁠And wait Carlino to exonerate me."

Inferno, XXXII, 54-69.

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