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The Porcelain Museum

Video in Italian | On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, Valentina Conticelli invites us to discover the Porcelain Museum inside Boboli Gardens

Breakfast, lunch, tea or chocolate time… At Pitti Palace there is the right “set” for every occasion!

On the top of Boboli Gardens there is the Porcelain Museum, one of the highest point of the “grand ducal hill”, on the edge of the ancient walls by Michelangelo.

It can be visited on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 on the occasion of the European Heritage Days (EHD), the greatest European manifestation dedicated to culture.

Many pieces of this museum were collected by the Lorraine family in the XVIII century, when in Europe some people succeeded in emulating the manufacturing techniques of porcelain, which prior to that were prerogative of Chinese and Japanese manufacturers.

But the heart of the collection is mostly a legacy of the Savoy family.

In Florence, capital of Italy, converged the collections of some Royal Palaces such as the one in Piacenza and Sala Baganza or the Ducal Palace in Parma.

Valentina Conticelli, curator of the Uffizi Galleries, invites us to reach the Knight’s Building to admire a stunning view and discover the many treasures of Pitti Palace.

Ministero della cultura European Heritage Days (EHD) / Journées européennes du patrimoine (JEP)

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