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The Pietà by Lorenzo d'Alessandro da San Severino

Video in Italian | A stunning late-Gothic Magdalene displays through her perfectly outlined tear drops all her human and earthly pain

Who knows the Marche region?
“Marche is a plural noun. The north has a Romagna colour; the Tuscan and Umbrian influence soak in the Apennine areas; the province of Ascoli Piceno paves the way to Abruzzo and Sabina... yet albeit they receive all those reverberations, the Marches do not really resemble Tuscany, Romagna, Abruzzo or Umbria. Even more than Emilia and Veneto, the Marches are the region of the encounter with the Adriatic Sea. This small extraordinary sea here gets more intimate, freer and more silent, with its strange colours that make it different from all the seas of the Earth ". ("Journey to Italy", Guido Piovene).
Dating from 1490, The Pietà by Lorenzo d'Alessandro da San Severino recounts the late Renaissance in those places that used to be farer from the great centers of art in the late 1400s.
A stunning late-Gothic Magdalene features through her vivid tear drops what earthly suffering really is.
The Marchigiana Cristina Petrelli, assistant of the Uffizi Galleries, tells the work in great detail.

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