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The little fishes of Hermann Hesse

Video in Italian | When visiting a new place, instead of being guided around, it is better to get lost...

The little fishes of H. Hesse

Discover things that no one talked you about, but that can be surprising and meaningful to you.

- What do you remember? -

When you think of a city you have visited, do you ever recall little details, which for other people may be completely irrelevant?

This is the case of Hermann Hesse, who wrote that during his trip to Florence he was not impressed by the magnificent Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, but rather by a little Goldfish pond in a garden.

On a warm afternoon in 1901, in Boboli, the writer heard for the first time the Florentine language spoken by a mother and her baby.

Moments that give our trips the meaning of truth.

Instants that become kindly memorable, worth of being remembered forever.

#BoboliLiteraryGardens with Gabriele Morandi

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