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The ivories at the Treasury of Grand Dukes

Video in Italian | Discovering the collection of precious objects on the ground floor of Pitti Palace

It is the lesser-known masterpieces that show the greatness of a collection. Rare and precious objects that reveal the taste of the Medici family first and the Habsburg-Lorraine's later. Outstanding figure among plenty of the two families' art collectors is no doubt Cardinal Leopoldo de'Medici, brother of Grand Duke of Tuscany Ferdinando II, a learned and highly refined man to whom we owe many masterpieces we can still admire in the Uffizi Galleries' museums.
Today we are going to focus on a particular collection on view on the ground floor of Pitti Palace, at the so-called Treasury of the Grand Dukes, where a plenty of gold, silver, gems, ambers, family jewels and ivories are preserved.


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