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The Electress Palatine's birthday

Video in Latin | Celebrating Anna Maria Luisa de'Medici's birthday

On 11 August we celebrate the birthday of Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, the last descendant of the world-renowned family.
With her famous "Family Pact", the Electress Palatine donated all the art collections of her illustrious family to the city of Florence in order to legally prevent the Habsburg-Lorraine rulers, who would follow on the throne of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany on her death, from looting her beloved city's beauties and art treasures.
So, paintings, bronze and marble statues, libraries and other precious jewels and collectibles would remain in Florence forever "for the ornament of the State, for Public utility and to attract the curiosity of Foreigners [and] nothing will be moved outside the capital and the state of the Grand Duchy”.
Thus the wise woman avoided the dispersion of a huge and extraordinary heritage and handed it down to us to enjoy it, learn from it and hand down the same opportunity and privilege in our turn.

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