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The bees of the Boboli Gardens

Video in Italian | Bees are a precious resource for the Boboli Gardens and are to be protected

The artworks of the Boboli Gardens are living artworks.

The trees, the flowers, the blades of grass, the animals, the insects, the bees… presences sometimes unnoticed, that have the same breath as Nature.

Consider that bees appeared on earth a long time before man.

A very ancient cave painting shows a man gathering honey from a hive.

Honey and wild bees are responsible for about 70% of the pollination of all vegetal species and ensure about 35% of the global production of food.

Therefore, our own future depends on bees.

This is the wooden structure we have built for them to protect the Garden’s visitors, in the exact spot where the bees have decided to set up home.

It’s a sort of screen to protect the hive entrance, so that the bees of the Boboli Gardens can continue undisturbed their work in the service of Mother Nature.


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