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The Apartment of the Duchess of Aosta in Pitti Palace - ii

The King of Italy's private rooms

We go on with the second part of the visit of the sumptuous rooms of the Duchess of Aosta's Apartment in Pitti Palace, which were inhabited by Anna Elena of France, widow of Duke Amedeo d’Aosta, until 1946, the year when monarchy ended in Italy.
Come with us to the private rooms of Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia, the first King of Italy, who lived here during the period in which Florence was elected capital of Italy and Pitti Palace became the Royal Palace. Step with us into His Majesty's bedroom, his study and even his private bathroom, that in the Medicean age had been the Chapel of Cardinal Leopoldo.
The visit ends among the refined oriental items and the charming chinoiserie of the so-called Chinese Living Room, arranged in 1842. Here on display are Chinese-like appliques and furniture of Florentine manufacture: among all the pieces, a screen stands out. Brought to Pitti Palace in 1886, it is assembled with precious original Chinese panels (late Ch'ing dynasty, XIX century) modified during the Savoy period, as is evident from the coat of arms of the family at the top of the gilded bronze frame.

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