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The altarpiece of St. John the Baptist by Giovanni del Biondo

Video in Italian | On the occasion of 24th June, feast of St. John, patron of Florence

Traditionally, 24th June is the feast of the Florentines and the city of Florence.
The best occasion to talk about St. John the Baptist is Giovanni del Biondo's work at the Uffizi.
It is an altarpiece from around 1365-70, which came from the Ginori Chapel in the Church of San Lorenzo in Florence and arrived at the Uffizi along with the Contini Bonacossi donation.
Prophet John the Baptist is depicted as triumphant over his executioner Herod, king of Galilee, featured with feral feet that look like claws. The saint has the uncultivated aspect of the ascetic and wears a camel hair robe under his cloak. Around eleven panels tell the story of John's life.

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