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The 432 Cross of the Uffizi

Video in Italian | One of the oldest paintings preserved in the gallery

The cross is the emblem of the Passion of Christ. A universal, powerful and evocative symbol.
The 432 Cross (from the number of the 1890 Inventory) is a tempera on panel by an anonymous Tuscan master born before 1200, perhaps the oldest painting preserved in the Uffizi.
It represents Christus Triumphans, that is, triumphant over death.
Christ has in fact alive, alert, attentive eyes. He rather seems to be beyond earthly pain.
The painting displays the episodes of Christ's Passion: the washing of the feet, the kiss of Judas, the Flagellation, the Journey to Calvary, the Deposition from the Cross, the Deposition in the Sepulchre, the Descent of Christ into Limbo.

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