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Michela Murgia - The body of the State. The flesh of women as a political space

Lecture in Italian - Vasari Auditorium – 20th February 2019

Michela Murgia addresses the issue of the role of woman's body within the State. Starting from the founding myths chosen to represent the history of peoples, women have always been placed in a subordinate position if compared with man's dominant and leading role, and this difference in power is still very strong today. Through some examples ranging from mythology to modern commercials, Michela Murgia illustrates how for centuries society has been shaped by a male chauvinist culture, which has defined woman as a series of roles all related to her sexuality and her being just an object of desire capable of generating. From a political point of view, this produces a series of tolerable behaviours women are forced to follow in order to be trustworthy within the male-dominated hierarchy that rules the State.

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