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Madonna of the People by Federico Barocci

Video in Italian | An autographed work by Federico Barocci told by our assistant Cristina De Caro

The Madonna of the People is an autographed work by Federico Barocci from 1579. It belongs to everyone, regardless of class, gender, age. The scene represents a motley multitude of people of all social conditions in a town square. The poor are side by side with rich ladies in prayer, all revering the sacred vision of the Madonna with Jesus in heaven.
A woman with the child receives alms from a very young gentleman on the edge of the scene.
On the ground is a sick person lying down with a water bottle and stretching out a hand toward a blind musician. Amazing are the gestures of the children, like that of the little "heckler" who, escaped from his mother's control, puts his fingers between the pages of the neighbouring woman's book of prayers. Also, beautiful is the smile of the child next to his mother and his little sister. He is captivated by the cheerful sound of the player, with the little dog in the foreground on the right that indeed adds intimacy to the scene.


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