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Lucretia Panciatichi by Bronzino

Video in Italian | She is the wife of rich notable Bartolomeo Panciatichi and her necklace bears a neverending promise of love

Nothing is left to chance in the portraits by Agnolo di Cosimo, known as Bronzino. Rather, chance is for the painter a terrible demon to be defeated through the obsessive attention to details, the control of light, the perfection of form. The result is a painting in which immortal beauty is not afraid of old age and corruption. Lucretia has a long neck, white and tapered hands, a sumptuous red dress. She comes from the noble Pucci family and is the young wife of Bartolomeo Panciatichi, an extremely rich notable of Florence. Provided with an enameled carving to be read in a circular way, the necklace bears an infinite promise of love: "Amour dure sans fin", that is, "Love is everlasting".

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