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Laura Donati - The floating of the line. Giorgio Morandi and the engravings of the Uffizi

Lecture in Italian - Vasari Auditorium – 27th February 2019

Laura Donati presents some works from the very rich collection of engravings by Bolognese artist Giorgio Morandi preserved in the Department of Prints and Drawings of the Uffizi Galleries. The collection entered the Uffizi through two donations from the Morandi sisters after the artist's death, and includes also some works he rejected, unique and unpublished specimens whose matrices have gone lost. Laura Donati illustrates how in many cases Morandi used to recycle his old plates or other artists' matrices in order to realize his engravings, especially during the war period when it was difficult to find good copper or zinc alloys for the fusion of new plates. Morandi also reused nineteenth-century papers. These peculiarities that characterize his collection of engravings contribute to making the specimens preserved in the Uffizi Galleries really unique.

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