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From slave to queen...

Video in Italian | The story of Roxelana and Cameria, mother and daughter of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent

Have you ever observed the collection of portraits in the first corridor of the Uffizi? The so-called Gioviana Series portrays the most famous people of the 16th century. Among the most beautiful portraits are those dedicated to the Ottoman sultans with their magnificent turbans.
Next to them are two women, Roxelana and Cameria, wife and daughter of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent respectively, portrayed with the same dignity as men.
But who was Roxelana? Originally a slave, she was captured by the Tartars in contemporary Ukraine, and brought very young to the Sultan's harem. A woman with a strong personality capable of learning the language of her conquerors and becoming the Sultan's favorite. With her joyful character and irresistible smile she broke laws and traditions and succeeded in becoming his bride.
Likewise his daughter Cameria had a happy destiny. This is the story of two women who, from the borders of the harem, managed to make the echo of their voice heard in the far West.


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