A new virtual rooms project for children and families. March 2021.

The virtual rooms project run over Christmas time (“Gli Uffizi sotto l’albero”) was greatly appreciated by our local and international audience. Hence, we have decided to continue with a new project entitled "Waiting for Spring. A Merry-go-round at the Uffizi Galleries".

You will meet (with a maximum of 10 children) in a virtual room with our experts from the Department of Education. The narration, lasting 30/40 minutes, will illustrate pairs of artworks linked by some kind of relationship, which may sometimes be simple and obvious, but with others more unusual, secret or even playful. In order to vary our offer, we will alternate themes and subjects. For the month of march the themes will be: 
Women’s Day, Father’s Day, and the arrival of spring!  

Each work of art presented comes from the different museums of the Uffizi Galleries. Some works of art are famous, while others are less known, but all of them will certainly surprise you and involve you in this merry-go-round of cross-references between the museums of our spectacular collection. 

The interactive and customised virtual visit has an overall price of 40 euros (max 10 children) that will cover the expense of the didactic activity. Bookings will open on Monday the 1st of March and can be made by sending an email to the Uffizi Galleries:

You will receive in return a link for the payment and the instructions to connect you to the virtual room on the Google Meet platform. We kindly ask you to indicate in your email the two artworks or the theme (e.g. love or carnival) that you would like to choose and learn about during your virtual visit. Please note that bookings will be accepted only upon payment received by noon (12 PM) on the Friday preceding your virtual visit (e.g. Friday the 5th of March for Saturday the 6th of March or Sunday the 7th of March). 

Anyone is welcome to participate! Friends and relatives from all over the world, and everyone will be able to listen and interact with our experts. 
Virtual visits can be run in Italian, English, French, Spanish, and in Lis, the Italian sign language


Mandatory booking
Primary School
Secondary School (11-14 yo)