Useful tools to plan the visit and carry out activities in the gallery

To welcome you to the museum, the Uffizi Galleries has set up a social narrative to plan your visit and make the museum a welcoming space. Download here.

Upon reservation, it is possible to use the Uffizi Activity Bag with a proposal of simple and interesting observation activities together with some anti-stress objects, made available to the visitor during the visit to the museum. The reservation has to be made at least one week before the visit. The service is available from Tuesday to Friday, excluding pre-holidays and holidays, which are the most crowded days.

The museum is very large and generally, crowded, it contains many works of art arranged on two floors. The rooms may have very different lighting and air conditioning. Therefore, it is useful to prepare the visit a few days before to make it a pleasant experience through the tools made available to the public, by contacting to book the bag and get information about the museum and the visit.

The project was realised thanks to the fundamental collaboration of Autismo Firenze Onlus.


Mandatory booking

Please contact to book the Activity Bag and get information about the museum and the visit.