Free tours to discover the Medicean gardens

Henry James, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Fedor Dostoevsky, Eugenio Montale and Herman Hesse are just some of the writers, poets, philosophers and artists who have visited the Boboli Gardens over the centuries and been fascinated by them. Always a place of the imagination, Boboli has inspired works, even in recent times, by popular writers such as Dan Brown who have decided to talk about or even set one of their novels in Florence's most famous garden.

From Tuesday 14 September it will be possible to take part in guided tours of the Boboli Gardens, seen through the eyes of great writers. With the initiative "Boboli Literary Garden", in fact, the Uffizi Galleries offer visitors tours in Italian and English.

It will be possible to find out about Goethe, who stayed in Florence for a few hours but found time to visit the Grand Ducal Gardens, or Henry James, who spoke of it in his "travel notebook", "Italian Hours", published in 1909, in which the author confessed to being afflicted by a sort of "mal d'Italia" ("the luxury of loving Italy"). Eugenio Montale used to go there when he lived in Florence to recite poems to his muse. All of this will be followed by Gabriele Morandi, who will guide visitors to discover new points of view on the words of writers.




Mandatory booking

From Tuesday 14 September, every Tuesday (in Italian) and Thursday (in English), at 10am

The visits will be included in the price of the regular Boboli entrance ticket.

Reservations are required, no later than the Friday before the chosen date, by writing an email to:

Groups, maximum 10 people per date, will follow the order of receipt of emails.

The appointment for the start of the visit, which will last approximately two hours, is at the main door of the Pitti Palace.

Boboli Giardino Letterario. Guarda il video