A cycle of free guided tours to discover the Boboli Gardens through the words of writers, poets and intellectuals

The Uffizi Galleries offer a series of free guided tours to discover the Boboli Gardens through the eyes of famous and less renowned writers, poets and intellectuals, who visited them throughout the centuries and made them a source for their inspiration (Hermann Hesse, Fedor Dostoevsky, Dino Campana, Donatien De Sade, Wolfgang Goethe, Albert Camus and many others). This year's edition provides for a section dedicated to female writers and poetesses, who made their visits to the Boboli Gardens an opportunity of reflection and investigation on the human soul.

The guided tours are accompanied by a series of videos available on our Facebook and Youtube accounts from the summer on.



The visits are scheduled for the months of September (from the 15th) and October 2022. They start at 10am on Tuesdays (in Italian) and Thursdays (in English).
The meeting point is by the Amphitheatre of the Boboli Gardens (in front of the Security Guards' Office). The visits last about 2 hours, are free and already included in the entry tickets to the Boboli Gardens.


Reservations required: ga-uff.eventiboboli@beniculturali.it


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