Calendar of free admission days for 2019

For all the museum sites of the Uffizi Galleries (Uffizi, Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens), on the following special occasions in 2019:

  • National Museum Week: March 5-10, 2019.
  • The first Sunday of the six months between October 2019 and March 2020: 6 October 2019; 3 November 2019; 1 December 2019; 5 January 2020; 2 February 2020; 1 March 2020.
  • March 24: New Year's Eve according to the Florentine Calendar and birthdate of Francesco I de' Medici who started to display the main artworks of grand-ducal collections at the Uffizi (25 March 1541)*.
  • June 23: Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist, Patron Saint of Florence (June 24)*.
  • October 11: Arrival to Florence of Vittoria della Rovere (1623), future Grand Duchess of Tuscany, whose family dowry included many artworks by masters such as Titian and Raphael which enriched the grand-ducal collections.
  • October 31: Family Pact (1737) throguh which Anna Maria Luisa, the last descendant of the Medici dinasty, linked the family legacy to the city of Florence.

       *since the date of the special occasion in 2019 occurs on a closing day.


Only for the Uffizi, on the following special occasions in 2019: 

  • May 26: Commemoration of the victims of the bomb attack in via dei Georgofili by the Sicilian Mafia (27 May 1993)*.
  • June 2: Italian Republic Day.
  • August 11: Commemoration of the Fire occurred at the Uffizi (12 August 1762)*
  • November 6: Birthdate of Leopoldo de' Medici (1617), great collector of the grand-ducal family.

       *since the date of the special occasion in 2019 occurs on a closing day.


Only for Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens, on the following special occasions in 2019:

  • March 17: Anniversary of the Italian Unification, celebrated at Pitti Palace, being the residence of the Savoy royal family when Florence was capital of Italy (1865-1871).
  • August 4: Commemoration of the night between the 3rd and the 4th of August 1944 when some Florentine bridges were destroyed by the retreating Nazi troops. 
  • August 27: Establishment of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany under the rule of Cosimo I de’ Medici, who commissioned to build the Uffizi and to modernize the city planning and administration.
  • November 30: Tuscany Day Celebration.


On the above-mentioned occasions, tickets shall be collected at ticket offices, it is not possible to make reservations and priority admissions are not valid.