The Hall of the Dynasties and the Galleries of Sixteenth-Century Venetian Painting

A virtual tour: the 360° view of the Uffizi's new Halls

Thanks to the passion for the arts and the patronage of the Medici and della Rovere families (connected through the marriage, in 1634, of Ferdinando II de’ Medici and Vittoria della Rovere, who as a dowry brought the enormous art collection of the duchy of Urbino to Florence), the Uffizi’s holdings of Venetian painting of the 1500s are amongst the most important in the world. The galleries dedicated to them were restored and opened in 2019.

1 – Hall of the Dynasties

2 – Giorgione Gallery

3 – Venetian Chapel

4 – Antechamber of the Tribute Office

5 – Small Titian Gallery

6 – Gallery of Titian’s Venus of Urbino

7 – Gallery of Venetian Naturalism

8 – Tintoretto Gallery

9 – Veronese Gallery

10 – Small Veronese Gallery



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