The two little squares beside the square in front of Pitti Palace will be named after Carlo Levi and Anna Maria Ichino

8 March 2018

The news was announced by Mayor Dario Nardella and Uffizi Galleries' Director Eike Schmidt on the occasion of the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

It is a symbolic tribute to commemorate their antifascist role, as well as the evocative value of the house used as refuge by many antifascists. Indeed, it was there that Carlo Levi wrote ‘Christ stopped at Eboli’ and Anna Maria Ichino typed his manuscript relentlessly day after day. 

The ceremony is scheduled for the 8th of March, on the anniversary of the deportation of Florentine people to Nazi concentration camps, while a specific exhibition dedicated to Levi will be on display at the Gallery of Modern Art up to April 21, 2018.  



Valid from 30/01/2018 to 11/03/2018