How to get into the Uffizi on the first Sunday of each month with free admission

The field testing of admission time slots at the Uffizi goes on

On the occasion of free admission to State museums on the first Sunday of each month, crucial field tests on an interactive service are being carried out by fixing time slots for visitors in order to reduce queues at the entrance.

The above-mentioned service will work through a specific app in the near future.

How to get into the Uffizi on the first Sunday of each month:

To enter the Uffizi visitors shall be provided with specific vouchers issued by interactive kiosks located under the Loggia of the Uffizi, near Door 1.

Vouchers will indicate check-in times and shall be submitted at the entrance. Delays of 15 minutes maximum will be tolerated.

The issue of vouchers will continue as far as they will be available.

Note: One voucher for one person!

Vouchers are not "reservations" but a system to save one's place in line and, therefore, each person can receive just one voucher. It will not be possible to obtain more than one voucher and, as to groups, every person shall collect his own voucher.

We inform visitors that the priority access offered by Firenze Card is not valid on days with free admission to the museum.


Valid from 03/02/2019 to 04/03/2019
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