Discounts on the admission ticket for Pitti Palace

See the info on when the reduction is granted. From 15 June to 15 September, 1 additional euro for Emilia Romagna

Low Season (From 1st November to 28 February)

From 1 November to 28 (or 29) February, visitors to Pitti Palace who purchase their ticket before 8.59 am and enter the complex in the museums' first time slots (8.30 to 9.25 am), are entitled to a 50% discount on the price of admission.

Furthermore, on Wednesdays, in the same period, take advantage of the 50% reduction on admission tickets for Pitti Palace purchased after 3pm. The reduced prices are as follows: 5 € instead of 10 € (2.00 € in case of people generally entitled to reduced price ticket ever).The reduction is suspended between 26th December and 6th January. 


High Seasons (From 1st March to 31st October)

During the high season (1 March - 31 October) the ordinary admission ticket to Pitti Palace costs 17 €.
During the same period, a promotion ("early bird" ticket) is also introduced. It provides a discount for those who wish to visit the museum early in the morning between 8.15am and 8.55am. The admission fee therefore costs 13 € for visitors who purchase tickets without reservation within 8.45am, with admission compulsorily not later than 8.55am (while visitors who have reserved the ticket to enter not later than 8.55am have to pay 3 € more for the reservation service).

Possible waiting times to access the ticket office cannot be estimated. Therefore, being in line before 8:45am cannot ensure the purchase of "early bird" discounted tickets nor can they be ensured if the allotted quota are over even before 8,45am.


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