COVID-19 | Rules for visitors

Rules to comply while visiting the Uffizi Galleries

Dear visitor,
the Covid-19 emergency requires everyone to be careful and therefore it is necessary to comply with the following rules while visiting the museum.

Inside the museums all national and regional rules apply to counteract the spread of Coronavirus. In particular, it is recalled that people without Covid-19 Green Certificate and with body temperature above 37.5° C (= 99.5° F) are prohibited from entering (visitors' temperature needs to be taken at the entrance); the use of a mask covering mouth and nose is mandatory during the stay in the museums (excluding the Boboli Gardens or open spaces where the use of the mask is mandatory only in cases of mass gatherings). Any kind of mass gatherings is prohibited; groups cannot exceed 16 people; people in charge of groups (be they tour guides, teachers or any other category) must always use the whisper system (microphone and earphones) in case their group exceeds 6 persons (including the guide or accompanying person), except for the Boboli Gardens. See the relevant page for all the exceptions provided.

Given the ongoing emergency, it should be noted that a maximum number of people admitted in the museums has been determined, specifically: 900 persons for the Uffizi, 450 for Pitti Palace, 3000 for the Boboli Gardens, 30 for the Loggia dei Lanzi.