The director of the museum Eike Schmidt: "for the first time in history will be open democratically to all".

The works for the reopening of the Vasari Corridor of the Uffizi Galleries are about to start. The project for the restoration, adaptation and safety (for a value of about 7 million euros, total cost 10 million, already funded) of the famous 'air tunnel' that connects the museum to the Royal Palace of Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens passing over Ponte Vecchio, put out to tender last July, has in fact come to the conclusion of the award phase, managed by Invitalia, and in a few weeks the sites will start. The association of companies Fratelli Navarra-Dafne Restauri won the tender. The works on the structure will start immediately after Easter and their duration is planned in about 11 months; they will be followed by those for the refurbishment and the opening to the public, which should go on for about another three months.