A more rational system of admission to the Uffizi Galleries

We are rapidly heading towards a more rational system of admission to Florence's national museums, adopting incentives designed to encourage the public to pay regular, in-depth – and financially advantageous – visits to boost its knowledge of the Uffizi Galleries' artistic, architectural, botanical, historical and landscape heritage.

We have designed the new admission pricing structure in order to create a system of seasonal and time-slot discounts as part of a determined move to strengthen our ties with the area, with residents and with visitors who plan to spend extended periods of time in Florence.

Thus, as of 1 September 2017 we will be launching an annual subscription to the Boboli Garden for only € 25.00, valid for one year from the date of its first use. (Residents of Florence will continue to be admitted free of charge via the garden's Annalena and Porta Romana gates.)

Another annual subscription, costing € 35.00, will admit the holder to all the museums in the Pitti Palace, while a similar annual subscription to the Uffizi will cost € 50.00. And finally, a comprehensive all-in-one annual subscription admitting the holder to all three monumental complexes – the Uffizi, the Pitti Palace and the Boboli Garden –, also on offer as of 1 September, will cost only € 70.00. All of the above annual subscriptions admit the holder to all temporary exhibitions and include priority admission, thus allowing the holder to skip the queue.

Moreover, as of 1 March 2018 all three museum complexes – UffiziPitti and Boboli – will be introducing seasonal pricing providing for a remodulation of their prices and lower admission charges during the low season, i.e. 1 November to 28 (or 29) February, as illustrated in the fact sheet attached to this media release.

Furthermore, visitors to the Pitti Palace who purchase their ticket before 8.59 am and enter the complex in the museums' first time slots (8.15 to 9.25 am), will be entitled to a 50% discount on the price of admission, which comes in addition to the low-season discount during the winter months.

We will also be offering a combined three-day ticket (valid for three days from first use) offering the holder priority admission (once to each complex) to all the museums in the Uffizi Galleries’ circuit (Uffizi, Pitti, Boboli).

Director Eike Schmidt commented: "The Uffizi Galleries' new pricing system is designed to encourage visitors to experience the entirety of the collections built up by the Houses of Medici and Habsburg Lorraine over the centuries, and now in our museums, while discouraging the  choice to see only a single slice of that heritage with just a few of the most famous masterpieces. It affords priority to those who return several times in the course of the year (or over a week or two), and thus it is addressed in particular to the people of Florence – whether native or adoptive – and to non-residents with a genuine interest in our artistic heritage, while discouraging hit-and-run tourism. In this regard I would remind you that one of a museum's duties, and a priority task in this day and age for cities such as Florence and Venice, is to safeguard every aspect of the integrity of our world heritage city centres. By varying the price of admission on a seasonal basis and by encouraging visitors to explore the museums situated in the Oltrarno neighbourhood (i.e. the Pitti Palace and the Boboli Garden), the Uffizi Galleries' new pricing system will make a crucial contribution to achieving a better balance in the way the tourist flow impacts the city in terms of  both time and place. Swimming against the rising tide of haste and superficiality, we seek to foster quality tourism inspired by a desire for knowledge and capable of stimulating cultural dialogue whilst at the same time creating prosperity and jobs for the city as a whole."