82 ancient drawings and 25 etchings

40 years to collect valuable ancient and rare graphic masterpieces, finally bequested to one of the most important collections of prints and drawings of the world. Carlo Pineider donated 82 16th -18th centuries drawings attributed for the most part to Tuscan artists, but also to the schools of Rome, Veneto and Emilia. He donated also 25 etchings by one of his favorite artists, Simone Cantarini (Pesaro 1612 – Verona 1648), pupil of Guido Reni.

This is one of most relevant donations that the Prints and Drawings Departments have received considering the importance of the works themselves, that are really beautiful, rare and in very good conditions. Among them, one signed drawing by Francesco Zamolo (end of 17th cent. - after 1741), two sheets by Giovanni Mauro della Rovere called il Fiamminghino (1575 ca.-1640), some by Giuseppe Marchesi called Sansone (1699-1771), Giovanni Carboncino(ca. 1638-1703), four sheets by Giovanni Battista Tempesti (1729-1804), an important sketch for the frescoes of the Urbino's Cathedral by Battista Franco (1510 ca.-1561) and a group of works by Baldassarre Franceschini detto il Volterrano (1611-1690) that will enhance the collection of works by this author, such as the two just bought a few weeks ago by the “Friends of the Uffizi”, the USA association supporting the Uffizi linked with the Italian “Amici degli Uffizi”.

Cesare Dandini (Firenze 1596-1657), Figura femminile, pietra rossa su cartaGiovanni Bilivert (Firenze 1585-1644) (attr.), Santa Teresa riceve l’Eucarestia, pietra rossa su cartaScuola fiorentina del XVI-XVII secoloScuola fiorentina del XV-XVI secolo, Studio di cane, penna e inchiostro su cartaBattista Franco (Venezia 1510-1561), Natività della Vergine , penna e inchiostro, inchiostro diluito e biacca su cartaPalma il Giovane (Venezia 1544-1628), Ritratto della moglie, penna e inchiostro