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Announcements | 03/10/2023

Coming soon in the Boboli Gardens, the 'Garden of the Senses'

Coming soon in the Boboli Gardens, the 'Garden of the Senses'

A special program to increase the experience for blind and visually impaired people in the Upper Botanical Garden

In 2024 Spring the Boboli Gardens will become an open-air museum to be touched and listened to, offering an innovative tactile and multi-sensory experience in its green corners. The Garden of the Senses project, devised by the "Culturaepiù" association in collaboration with the Uffizi Galleries, envisages the opening of a permanent path aimed at making Boboli accessible to blind and visually impaired persons.
The area selected is the Giardino della Botanica Superiore, Upper Botanical Garden. Visitors will be able, after downloading a special application, to connect their smartphone to a stick equipped with ad hoc instruments and listen to a detailed narration on the care of the place and perceive sounds of the garden's fauna in the different seasons. The olfactory experience will be amplified by the audio-description but also by the possibility of caressing barks, leaves and flowers and the water of special pools arranged along the route. During the route, divided into fourteen points of interest, called sensory stations, each visitor will also be accompanied by a 'sensory guide', a new social figure whose role is to offer support and assistance during the experience.

The project is supported by Fondazione Cr Firenze, Chianti Banca, Rotary Club Campi Bisenzio, Lions Club Barberino Tavarnelle, Circolo La Volta San Casciano, Francesca Ferrari, Carlotta Cecchi.

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