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Announcements | 19/05/2020

The Boboli Gardens reopen on Thursday 21 May!

The Boboli Gardens reopen on Thursday 21 May!

After more than ten weeks of closure due to the epidemiological emergency, the Boboli Gardens reopen the doors on Thursday 21 May at 9 am. The garden is a real open-air museum unique in the world, with an extraordinary botanical heritage, and a landscape and architectural structure that houses, among its avenues, flower beds and groves, a collection of over 300 sculptures from the classical, Renaissance and Baroque ages.  The garden will be accessible both through the entrance of Palazzo Pitti, and through the Annalena gate every day of the week, that is, from Monday to Sunday (with the exception of the first and last Monday of the month) from 8.45 to 18.15 (last admission at 17.15).

Inside the Garden all national and regional rules apply to counteract the spread of coronavirus. In particular, it is recalled that people with body temperatures above 37.5 degrees are prohibited from entering; the use of the mask is mandatory during the entire stay in the garden; it is necessary to keep the interpersonal distance of at least 1.80 m; Assemblies of all kinds are prohibited; groups cannot exceed 10 people, and in any case they must always respect the interpersonal distance of 1.80 m; tour guides must always use the whisper system (microphone and earphones), regardless of the number of members of their group. In compliance with the rules, the Grotta Grande and the Porcelain Museum will remain closed. However, the Upper Botany with its treasures of aquatic plants will be open every morning from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 13.00.

Entrance to the Bardini Garden will not be possible. The entrances from Forte Belvedere to da Porta Romana will remain closed. In compliance with the aforesaid Decree, also the Garden of the Scuderie Reali of Porta Romana (belonging to the Uffizi Galleries) is closed.

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