The legend and the reality of an Asian city

The exhibition sets out to acquaint visitors with the city of Hierapolis, its art, its social and religious history and its monuments, thanks to a broad selection of items held chiefly in the Archaeological Museum in Pamukkale (Denizli), in the Italian Archaeological Mission's warehouses and in a number of museums in Italy and in other European countries. The original material will be accompanied by illustrative panels, graphic and virtual reconstructions, models and reproductions of objects and buildings.

The city's artistic output will be illustrated by exhibits from its necropolis and from its chief monumental complexes.

Evocative virtual reconstructions and graphic visualisations will guide visitors on their discovery of its most important monuments such as the sanctuary of Apollo, the theatre, the nymphaea and the public baths which were the major centres of social interaction in the community.

It will thus be possible to create a dialogue among the exhibits, reconstructing itineraries, relationships and social exchange while also defining the layout and features of the city of Hierapolis against the broader background of the Roman and Byzantine Empires.

The exhibition is curated by Francesco D'Andria, Grazia Semeraro, Ilaria Romeo and Fabrizio Paolucci.



Boboli Garden, Limonaia Grande

26 May – 18 October 2020