This is the first monographic exhibition ever devoted to Giuseppe Bezzuoli, an absolute protagonist of 19th century painting

Starting with his early work in the Neoclassical style, the exhibition goes on to explore his mature period with masterpieces that may justifiably be given pride of place in the history great Italian Romantic painting: one has but to think of The Entry of Charles VIII into Florence, The Repudiation of Hagar, Eve Tempted by the Serpent (recently acquired by the Gallerie degli Uffizi) or his large portraits of the bourgeoisie.

The exhibition will also allow visitors to compare Bezzuoli's art with the work of masters of the calibre of Francesco Hayez and Massimo D'Azeglio, as well as with that of such leading exponents of cosmopolitan culture in early 19th century Florence as Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and Sir Thomas Lawrence with their magnificent portraits.  The sculptures of Horatio Greenough and Hiram Powers, together with the landscapes of Thomas Cole, will be displayed in a special section devoted to the young American artists who attended Giuseppe Bezzuoli's courses at the city's Accademia di Belle Arti, where one of his most celebrated pupils was the future Macchaiolo Giovanni Fattori.

The exhibition is curated by Vanessa Gavioli, Elena Marconi and Ettore Spalletti.



The Uffizi, Aula Magliabechiana and Sala Detti

2 April – 31 July 2020