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Rosa Alba Incarnata

15th century
Giardino dell’Isola, Giardino della Limonaia
1.5 m (height) x 1.5 m (width)

Known also as Maiden’s Blush Great, Cuisse de Nymphe and La Séduisante, this is one of the most attractive roses of the Alba group and encapsulates the best of its species’ characteristics.

The plant has a broad coverage of grey-blue foliage and a blush pink flower with an exquisite and delicate fragrance. It has a good tolerance of poor soils and adapts well to use in hedges or in tree-lined parks. It copes well with partial shade and flowers once in spring, usually for a period of just a few weeks.

It was depicted by Botticelli in his famous paintings “Allegory of the Spring” and “Birth of Venus”.

Origin: unknown.


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