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Portrait of Homer

Italian manufacture

XVI century
Grey marble
34 cm (height x width)
1914 no. 360

The marble sculpture became part of the Uffizi collection as early as 1784. It was only in 1943 that it was moved to the Torre del Castellano in Incisa Valdarno, but in the 1970s the Omero returned to the Gallery.

The work, which rests on a support block on the front of which exhibits a palmette motif in relief, is worked in a single piece.

The manufacture is Renaissance while taking up while taking up the features of the character exhibited by ancient portraiture. The mixture of styles does not make his identification clear but we commonly recognize the face of Homer, the blind cantor to whom the Iliad and the Odyssey are attributed.

Two replicas of the Homer are known, one kept in Modena and the other in Rome.

Text by
Federica Calabrese
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