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Palm - Dypsis decaryi

Upper Botanical Garden

Commonly known as the triangle palm, it is indigenous to the Madagascan rainforest. Some specimens grow to about 15 metres tall in the wild, however, outside its native habitat it rarely reaches this size. Its leaves are about 2.5 metres long, growing almost vertically along the trunk, which measures about 25-35 cm. The stem is grey when mature and has widespread reddish pubescence (hairs) on its petioles and the bases of its leaf blades. It produces flowers gathered in inflorescences sprouting from the crown and an oval or subglobose fruit with a fibrous endocarp. It prefers full sun, though adapts to partial shade, and requires a substrate with excellent drainage as it cannot tolerate water stagnation or too high a relative humidity. It cannot withstand temperatures below -2°C. It is rare both in its natural environment and in cultivation.


Text by
Paolo Basetti
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