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Palm - Livistona australis

Upper Botany Garden

A hardy, slow-growing palm, up to 25-30 m high, it is native to the rainforests of Australia and withstands temperatures down to -7 C. The trunk is brownish-green in young plants and greyish in adult specimens, in the apical part it presents leaf scars partially covered by dry leaves that remain hanging along the stipe (trunk) for a long time. The crown is composed of palmate leaves and appears very dense, with a circular in shape of 1.5 m in width. The flowers are creamy yellow hermaphrodites originating at the base of the leaves in August-September. The fruits are oblong, of a brownish-yellow colour that turns reddish when ripe, about 2 cm long and contain roundish seeds 1.2 cm long.

Text by
Paolo Basetti
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