Stele del pretoriano Dolens
Iscrizione stele del pretoriano Dolens
Stele del pretoriano DolensIscrizione stele del pretoriano Dolens

Funerary stele of the Praetorian Guard Dolens

Roman art
Early 3rd century A.D.
79.5 x 76.3 x 11.6 cm
CIL, VI 2616

This marble stele commemorates the Praetorian Guard Dolens from Pautalia in Thrace, a region that supplied the Praetorian Cohorts with numerous members in the 3rd century AD. Dolens, who died aged 31 thus shortly before reaching retirement age (which came after 16 years’ service), is portrayed in the upper part of the stele – unfortunately broken off at shoulder height – in typical Praetorian and Urbanician uniform: a short tunic held at the waist by a ci gulum knotted in a ring and a broad cloak, the sagum, whose weight is emphasised by its deep folds and thick fringe. On his left side a sword in a decorated sheath hangs from a baldric, while in his hand he holds a pilum or spear.