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Evening Dress

Made in Rome, label: “Maria Berardelli/ via del Corso 79/Milano”

Early 20th century
Stretch lace in silk thread, bobbinet tulle, velvet, chenille, sequins
Ancient Textile 6084-6085

This evening dress in two pieces consists of a bodice and skirt in stretch silk leaver’s lace with velvet appliqué design, silver glitter, black sequins and chenille. Pointed bodice with guimpe (upper part of the bodice in lightweight fabric that covers the décolleté, tall collar with metal wire support; gigot sleeves with stretch lace cap in the centre at the front.

The fishtail skirt is made in sheets of organza with small ruched flounces on the hem.

The label is from dressmaker Maria Bernardelli di Roma, an atelier that was active in the early 20th century. Some details, such as the short pointed bodice with remboursè or the gigot design of the sleeves (which made a brief return in 1905), allow us to date the dress quite precisely.

This evening dress belonged to Maria Rucellai and her daughters, Porzia and Beatrice.

Donated by Associazione Amici della Galleria del Costume

Provenance: Paola Cecchi de’Rossi



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