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Blush Noisette Rose

Island Garden
2 m (height) x 1.2 (width)

Origin: Charleston USA

Its story begins in Charleston, South Carolina in 1814 when Philippe Noisette, belonging to a family of French floriculturists, and superintendent of the city's botanical gardens, gave his neighbour, a local rice farmer named John Champney, some seeds of the Chinese rose, Old Blush. By crossing the Old Blush with a musk rose, Champney obtained a new variety of roses, and, in order to repay him, he gave the seeds to Philippe Noisette. Enthusiastic about the variety obtained, Philippe sent the seeds to France to his brother Louis, also a horticultural expert, who began to propagate the roses, first under his brother's name and then under the simple family name, Noisette.

It is an attractive rose with a delicate posture that produces large clusters of semi-double flowers of a lilac, light pink colour. It has few thorns and dark green foliage. Given time it can make a good climbing or pillar rose as well as a beautiful upright shrub. The flowers are fragrant and repeat if well grown. Tolerates poor soils and even half-shade well.

Text by
Ivo Matteuzzi
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