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San Godenzo - Il Castagno d’Andrea | Borderlands

The area of ​​the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines between Mugello and Casentino has played this role for millennia.

Lands that unite and separate. Lands that see wars and exiles, encounters and trade. Lands in contact between united and separated worlds.

The mountain ridge is dominated by Monte Falterona, a majestic and secluded peak that since ancient times has had a special spiritual charm to the local populations.

Here the forests are characterized by the centuries-old presence of beech. The splendid centuries-old chestnut crops have always provided food for the populations living in the mountains.

The atmosphere and the sounds of the ambiente stand out so much that they were even captured by Dante - the Acquacheta waterfall descends along a cliff with several steps and creates one of the most characteristic landscapes in the entire area.

One of the many #TerredegliUffizi itineraries, a project conceived and promoted by the Uffizi Galleries and the CR Firenze Foundation, within the Uffizi Diffusi and Piccoli Grandi Musei projects. Here the exhibition of Dante created together with the San Godenzo Municipality with the fabulous loan of the fresco by Andrea del Castagno from the Uffizi has just ended.

However, in such special places like this the spirit of the Supreme Poet continues to dwell.

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