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History | Arezzo | Terre degli Uffizi

Arezzo is first and foremost a land of art, where the architectural setting of the historic centre fascinates all those who take the time to discover it, reminding them that Guido Monaco, Petrarch and Giorgio Vasari were all born here and have left us vibrant testimonials of their genius here, and that it was here that Piero della Francesca expressed his perfect art in a cycle of frescoes depicting The Legend of the True Cross in the Basilica of San Francesco while Cimabue adorned the church of San Domenico with his majestic Crucifix.

Dante Alighieri loved to spend time only a short distance away, in the Casentino, while Luca Signorelli, Masaccio, Paolo Uccello and Rosso Fiorentino embarked on their artistic careers in the other valleys surrounding the city.

Arezzo and its neighbourhood, which never cease to arouse a sense of wonder after so many centuries of history, are still capable of enrapturing the visitor’s soul today.